I’m On YouTube!

After months of debating, I’ve finally started my own YouTube channel. Yes, I’m slowly trying to conquer the interwebs, one platform at a time. This was a particularly difficult decision because: a) My face on a video, and b) MY FACE ON A VIDEO!

Yeah, bit of a fear of video cameras.

But, having my own channel will allow me to connect with people in a completely different way and I’m excited about that prospect. Plus, if you’ve been dying to see me ramble on about things I like, well then, I’m fairly certain you’ll get your wish. Most of the videos will be completely unscripted, I think. At this point I won’t be doubling up the content. There may be some overlap on topics discussed on the channel and the blog, but videos aren’t likely be posted here.

You can find my channel here and don’t forget to like, subscribe and share because that will make me happy and then I’ll probably feel more comfortable on camera and end up doing silly things…or something. I dunno. This is all so new and that was a very long sentence.

See? This is the kind of rambling you can look forward to!

And because I have a good groove going with music videos, LED ZEPPELIN!


Featured image courtesy of Jurgen Appelo via Flickr


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