1,000 Cemeteries Quest: Update

Have I mentioned how much I adore my Twitter family? Because I truly do from the bottom of my little heart. I posted a poll on Twitter asking if anyone would be interested in hearing about my 1,000 Cemeteries Quest. Well, the people have spoken! Well some of you did. Okay, 16 of you did. But of that 16 people who voted 88% of them said YES!


12% of you looked at me like I have two heads and whispered “she’s weird”. Which is factual and totally okay. I promise not to make every post about graveyards. Just 88% of them? I kid. I can’t figure out the math on that. I’m an Arts graduate.

I digress.

For those who have no idea what I’m even talking about, you can read my initial blog post HERE on the whole 1,000 Cemeteries Quest (#1000cemeteries on ALL the coolest social media. No Facebook, not you.). Go ahead and read up. I’ll wait.

Done? Excellent!

So in 2014 I set myself this quest. I selected a number that was large enough to be a real challenge, but not so large that it was impossible. I’ve always been drawn to cemeteries  – which is weird, I know. (No need to look at me like that 12% folks. I KNOW.) – so I figured why not make it official. The last time I checked online some stat indicated there are over 18,000 cemeteries/graveyards in Canada alone. And those are only the ones that have been recorded. So when I selected 1,000 I was like Pfft, I gots this!

Fast forward 4 years and now I’m kinda like Ummm, I gots this? 1,000 cemeteries is A LOT OF CEMETERIES. I mean it’s not an unreasonable number. I still maintain that. And it’s not like I plan on reducing the number I’m questing for. That would be cheating or something. But I’m beginning to acknowledge the weight of this challenge. It’s weighty.

I know what you want to know. It’s the question on everyone’s mind when I tell them about my 1,000 cemetery quest. HOW MANY? It’s all about the numbers, isn’t it?

Yes. Yes it is.

Drum roll please…… 63

For those who aren’t math savvy *points at herself*  (I had to triple check the numbers because MATH.) that’s just over 6%. Yup, I have a LOOOOOOONG way to go. But I’m actually not too discouraged. Manitoba is frickin’ RIPE with cemeteries. You can’t swing a cat without hitting a cemetery in Manitoba.

Fun fact: the phrase ‘swinging a cat’ has nothing to do with actual cats. It’s a type of whip called the cat-o’-nine-tails which is like a regular whip but better because it has nine lashes on it. See? No animals harmed in that phrase.

Just people.

18th century British military people.

Ahem…moving on. Here are some photos from my last excursion out. My friend Kerry and I hit up 17 cemeteries that day. 17! The snow only slowed me down a little bit. I only fell like three times.

Just the Facts, Ma’am

Okay you fact-loving freaks here’s the lowdown. Please note you made me do math *cringes*.

  • Since beginning this quest in 2014 I have visited 52 cemeteries/graveyards/crypts.
  • I’ve visited cemeteries in 5 different countries: Canada, USA, England, Scotland and Ireland.
  • 32 of the 63 cemeteries are located in Manitoba. Half-ish!
  • My ancestors are buried in 3 of them.
  • Most visited in 1 day = 17 (All in Manitoba. Told you. RIPE.)
  • 2 of the cemeteries are featured in my Urban Fantasy series The Reaper Chronicles. (Books 1 and 3 if you must know specifics.)
  • I’ve taken a photo of myself in most of them. The only ones without are those I visited prior to 2014. It didn’t occur to me back then to take a photo of myself in a graveyard. I guess I was less weird back then. Also there was one Cathedral that wouldn’t allow photos in the crypt unless you paid. I didn’t pay.
  • I planned an entire holiday around visiting a cemetery in Scotland. It was totally worth it!
  • It was at Cille Choirill Church and Graveyard in Roy Bridge, Scotland that I realized how much I love cemeteries. That was in 2011. Three years before I officially began the quest.
  • I have awesome friends who never look at me strange when I suggest hanging out in graveyards and always oblige when I ask them to take my graveyard photo. Thank you Brandon, Kerry, Clare, Jane, Gerry, Anna and Bryan for humouring me. ❤

And that’s my quick-ish update. 🙂

2 thoughts on “1,000 Cemeteries Quest: Update

  1. Maths also does my head in!

    But from what I understand then, you have 63 blog posts to write! One on each cemetery! 😉

    You need to come visit Holland, there is a tiny one in my village to check out. And I remember going to one in Switzerland or Austria, they were so different to English one (I can dig out pictures if you are interested). I also used to pass one when I lived in Wimbledon London, on the train into the city. HUGE it was. Although one where I attended a funeral in Amsterdam was also massive! (also lots of green parrots flying overhead, which was spooky as the surname of the departed was Parrot!!)

    I will also be checking out another one next week Wednesday – as the father of 3 friends died on Thursday! Ugh! He can’t be buried here in the village as it is full!

    Did you know in Hong Kong they dig everyone up after 7 years to make room for more and just cremate them then? Fascinating stuff.

    I love this post so much! xxxx

    1. Thank you for commenting! Wow, looks like you know a thing or two about cemeteries as well. My goal is to see graveyards all over the world! I’ll add those places to my list 😉 So happy you enjoyed the post.

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