7 Projects I’m Working On In 2019.

Last time I shared the first–and let’s be honest–the MOST exciting project I’m working on in 2019, publishing. But today I’d like to share the other 6 projects I’m currently juggling. These 7 projects will make up the majority of the topics I’ll post about.

1,000 Cemeteries Quest

Back in 2015 I began my quest to visit 1,000 cemeteries over the course of my lifetime. (You can read the original post HERE) So far I’m up to 64! It’s a journey, folks.

This year I’ve decided to up my game. I’ve mentioned this before, but Manitoba is fricken lousy with cemeteries/graveyards. (Is there a difference? I’ll look into that.) I’ve already drawn up a plan of attack for when the snow melts. Because right now traipsing through graveyards in -25C (and colder) weather is not fun. Trust me.

I’m planning more posts on the quest and other graveyard related topics.

Fish Keeping

Hello. My name is Angie and I adore fish. ❤ I’ve been keeping fish for close to 2 years. I currently have 2 Bettas (Archer and Holden) and 22 Platys. It’s ridiculous how much I love them. I love sitting in front of their tanks and watching them swim around. Pure. Bliss.

I’m excited to learn more about them and raise the fishy babies! Plus the feeding and cleaning keeps me busy too.


For those unfamiliar with the term, Genealogy is the study of family ancestral lines. I’ve been researching my family tree for over 15 years. It combines my love of history with my love of investigating. A few years back I hit a researching wall and put it aside. With the recent popularity of AncestryDNA more people are creating and uploading family trees.

This is great news for me because it means more people are taking an interest. The more people post, the more I’m able to connect my tree with others.

I’ve already discovered that my Irish roots are actually Scottish. And that my Welsh family came to Canada by way of Massachusetts, USA. I’m excited to keep digging and uncovering my ancestors.

Reading Goals

Last year I surpassed my reading goal and read 69 books. WOOT!

Of Lies and Zombies by Angela Lynn
Awesome Young Adult novel by my lovely friend Angela Lynn.
You should read it!

This year I’ve decided to scale back my goal to allow more time to focus on publishing. I originally set a 30 book goal, but I’ve decided to reduce it to 12. So far I’ve read one book, which means I’m on track! Woot!

Stay tuned for posts on favourite books, authors, and other bookish topics.


Towards the end of 2018 my lovely husband bought me a ukulele and I signed up for lessons. They went well for about 4 weeks before I realized I didn’t have the commitment level required to actually attend lessons and practice.

So I quit.

This year I’ve decided to create my own lesson plans using a combination of YouTube videos and a Hawaiian Ukulele book that my mom brought back from Honolulu. Maybe if I get good enough I’ll post a video of me playing.


Gardening & Plants

I love gardening. Growing my own food has been a passion of mine for years. Every summer my family plants a vegetable garden in my mom’s backyard and we grow our favourites: beets, carrots, beans, peas, herbs, tomatoes, jalapeños, and cucumbers.

This year I plan to grow some vegetables in my backyard too. Because who doesn’t like veggies?!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll notice that most of my photos have plants in them. I pretty much want to live in a jungle. I have 20 houseplants (and counting) and I’ll probably write about them too.

And that’s it! It’s going to be a busy and exciting year. I can’t wait to share it with you!

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