Top 10 Favourite YouTube Channels

Before I begin you should know something about me. I’m what you’d call an eclectic person. My tastes run the gamut. Some interests I only share with certain people. Self-preservation or whatnot. But today I’m pulling back the proverbial curtain so you can take a peek into the recesses of my mind.

Good luck with that.

Here we go, Angie’s Top 10 Favourite YouTube Channels (in no particular order).

1. Cinemassacre

Oh, Cinemassacre! Feels like I’ve been watching your videos forever!

And that’s a very good thing.

I know I said this list isn’t in order–and it’s not–but I’m just going to say this right now. Cinemassacre is my ultimate FAVOURITE YouTube channel. There, I said it. Let’s move on.

Cinemassacre found success in the early days of YouTube with the Angry Video Game Nerd videos (AVGN). Now they upload content on video games (mainly retro games), board games, and movies. The AVGN character became so popular that in 2014 they filmed an entire full-length movie. I’ve watched it and it’s great!

If you’re into video games, and you don’t mind cursing (because holy moly does AVGN like to curse!) then you’ll enjoy Cinemassacre. I love everything they do. ❤

You can find Cinemassacre’s channel HERE.

2. Cultaholic

Remember when I said there are things about me I keep on the down low. This is one of them.

I’m a wrestling fan.

Before you say anything YES, I know it’s fake. So are Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings and I love them too.

My fascination with wrestling began when I was a kid, died out sometime after high school, then sparked up again about 7 years ago. Because I don’t have cable I rarely get to watch matches.

Enter Cultaholic. This channel is dedicated to the world of professional wrestling. They upload videos on wrestling updates, news, and lists–for people like me who love learning about wrestling facts.

You can find Cultaholic’s channel HERE.

3. Steve1989MREInfo

Okay this one is a bit obscure. Steve likes to eat stuff. More specifically, he likes to eat military rations. Even more specifically, he likes to eat expired military rations. And when I say expired, I mean like EXPIRED. He once ate a cracker from the late 1800s. I shit you not.

I can’t really explain it, but there’s something satisfying about watching a grown man eat really old food. I know it’s hard to believe. Trust me, I was where you are right now. When Brandon (my husband) told me about the channel I was unimpressed and confused. Okay, so he eats old food. How old and why? Those were my questions.

But I watched a video and I was hooked. Steve is an interesting character and he’s always in a great mood. Even when the chocolate in his mouth is sending signals to his brain to stop eating it. And yes, he did say that in a video in the calmest tone I have ever heard.

His videos make me laugh, smile, and–strangely enough–hungry. He has great catch phrases like Nice hiss! (Said when opening a can.) and Let’s get this out on a tray! Because presentation is everything, my friend.

You can find Steve’s channel HERE.

4. The TRY Channel

Irish people try stuff.

It’s as simple as that, but OH so much more fun! They eat and drink stuff from all over the world. Apparently I enjoy watching people eat stuff.

The on-screen personalities are hilarious and I swear I’ll never get tired of watching them drink Canadian alcoholic beverages and NOT enjoy them. (The poutine was a hit though!)

You can find The TRY Channel’s–errr–channel HERE.

5. TripleJump (formally known as Vidiots)

Although TripleJump is a new channel its former incarnation, Vidiots, was a particular favourite of mine.

TripleJump is another gaming channel, except it’s not because that makes it sound boring and average. Ben and Peter are THE. BEST. Their videos always make me laugh. I’m a complete fangirl.

Videos such as Worst Games Ever (or Shit Games for Wankers as it’s colloquially known), gaming lists, streams, news and podcasts, make up the bulk of their content. They recently joined the Cultaholic crew and I’m super excited.

You can find TripleJump’s channel HERE.

6. Simon Miller

While traveling through England in 2016 I began watching videos from a UK-based YouTube channel called WhatCulture. They featured mostly list-based content on a variety of topics. It’s on this channel I discovered Simon Miller. (Along with the lads from TripleJump and Cultaholic who all left WhatCulture to start their own channels.)

Simon is funny, positive, and inspiring. He’s the guy you wish you were friends with in real life. His video content includes wrestling, gaming, and vlogging about his life.

You can find Simon’s channel HERE.

7. Bear Necessities

And now we move into the fish-keeping section. I could probably write a top 10 on fish-related channels.

Back in 2017 when I was thinking of getting into the hobby, I began combing YouTube for fishy videos. Bear Necessities was one of the first channels I stumbled upon.

Andy’s channel is smaller compared to others on this list, but his videos are fun and informative! He shares updates on his fish-keeping journey and has even created a great app to help fish-keepers track their tanks.

You can find Bear Necessities’ channel HERE.

8. Aquarium Co-Op

Like Bear Necessities, Aquarium Co-Op has provided me with endless hours of fish-related content and I am forever grateful.

Aquarium Co-Op isn’t just a YouTube channel. Oh no! It’s an actual fish store based in Edmonds, Washington. Their videos are educational and I can honestly say I’ve learned so much about the hobby from Cory and his team. If you’re new to the fish-keeping hobby I would definitely recommend following this channel.

You can find Aquarium Co-Op’s channel HERE.

9. Rachel O’Leary

Rachel O’Leary is bad-ass. Seriously. When it comes to nano fish tanks, she’s your gal. I’ve learned a lot from her videos!

I had the privilege to meet her in person at a fish talk here in Winnipeg last November. Another fangirl moment. I brought my copy of her book, 101 Best Freshwater Nano Species–which she signed for me–and took a photo with her. I was squeeing on the inside 🙂

You can find Rachel’s channel HERE.

10. Pecktec

Do you like fish? What about steampunk? Great! Time to follow Pecktec because he loves both!

Another fabulous fish channel. Pecktec’s catch phrase– Follow your bliss, keep a clean tank — has become my favourite mantra.

You can find Pecktec’s channel HERE.

5 Honourable Mentions

Below are 5 honourable mentions. Because I just know you want more!

Pat the NES Punk – Gaming (Retro & Modern) & Podcasts

Babbling Books – Books/Reading

Swhiskey – Fish & Traveling

Cynthia Lin Music – Ukulele Lessons

MetalJesusRocks – Retro Gaming

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