The Reaper’s Bride is out TODAY!

Today I get to post the thing I’ve been waiting 8 years to post. So here it goes: My novel The Reaper’s Bride is officially out today!

I have so many emotions and all of them great. ❤ I’ll keep this short because it’s a non-blog post day. 😉 

Where Can I Buy This Book You Speak Of?

Right now both the paperback and ebook are available on Amazon worldwide. I’ve included links below to the three main stores, but you can search any Amazon to find it.

Canada: Order HERE


UK: Order HERE

THANK YOU to everyone who has shared my posts, purchased the book, or sent me cheers. I really hope you enjoy the book! 


4 responses to “The Reaper’s Bride is out TODAY!”

  1. Miranda Kate 💜 (@PurpleQueenNL) Avatar

    Hooray!! So happy to see this out in the world!

  2. shvetathakrar Avatar

    Super huge congratulations, Angie! ❤ ❤ ❤ This is so great!

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