Art Shop is Open!

Yes, I said I wouldn’t pick up my paintbrushes until summer. I lied. But rest assured it wasn’t intentional. 🙂 Apparently publishing a book and turning 40 wasn’t enough BIG EXCITEMENT for me. Once I have the creative itch, it must be scratched.

That’s why I’m happy to announce that my Art Shop is open! Or rather reopened, because if you’ve been following me long enough you’ll remember there was a time in the not too distant past that I regularly sold and auctioned off my art.

This art is different. It still has my mixed media flair but it now combines my love of writing. These pieces have bookish poetry created by yours truly and are inspired by the characters in The Reaper’s Bride. Each piece has been specifically crafted with the vibe of the character, right down to the colour and design.

Currently I have six pieces based on three characters: James, Alex, and Mildred. There were seven pieces available but before I could get this post up, one piece sold. 🙂

Each piece is on 6″ x 8″ watercolour paper which makes them great for framing! All pieces are $25 (CAD) and includes worldwide shipping. You can purchase directly on the website using PayPal. Or if you’d prefer using a different payment method you can contact me here.

I’m really excited to combined two of my favourite creative mediums: writing and art! More pieces will be added to the shop as soon, so stay tuned.

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