In the words of Schwarzenegger: I’m Back

Hello all you lovely people!

Yes, I’ve finally returned from my blogging hiatus and I’m ready to update you on what I’ve been up to. June and July were weirdo months for me. I’d love to say I was uber productive and did ALL THE WRITING and that book two is nearly done.

Haha. I wish.

This summer has been filled with uncomfortable heat, Arnold Schwarzenegger movies, and a dollop of transition.

Told you it was weirdo.

As my good friend (and fellow author) Angela Lynn says: “Everyone struggles in life. It’s just a fact. Oh how right she is!

This summer I’ve struggled to find motivation to do anything. There have been days when the heat and humidy left me wishing I could get more naked, than naked. Combine that with physical pain issues and you have one unhappy Angie. In general I’m pretty healthy so when I started experiencing leg, neck, and shoulder pain I had no idea what to do. Sitting at a computer for stretches of time has been nearly impossible. Even looking down to handwrite has been a challenge. So yeah. Fun.

But there’s been great stuff too. I started a new job earlier this month. I’ve spent loads up time with family and friends (well loads by my standards, anyway). I’ve been reading like a maniac and busted through my reading goal (more on that in another post). Plus watching those Schwarzenegger movies has been pretty great. Have you watched Terminator lately? Seriously, do it. It holds up.

So while I had all the plans to write and get book two out later this year, I’ve come to the very difficult decision to hold off. It’s not ready. I’m not ready. And remember that new job I mentioned? Yeah, it involves me taking a 10-week course with an exam in December that I absolutely MUST pass in order to do my job. Sure I could push through and try to juggle all the things (not like I’ve never been there, done that before) but I feel like juggling with that many balls will end in disaster.

What does this mean for book two?

It means that it will come out when it comes out. Simple. That might be January or it might be next summer. I have no idea. I’m no longer putting a firm date on it. At least not at this point. I’ll continue to work on it but it’s going to take me a lot longer than I anticipated.

And that’s okay.

It has to be. Because I’m tired of feeling stressed and guilty over trying to reach an impossible deadline. It’s not fair to myself or anyone else who’s looking forward to reading book two. I want this story to be its very best for us all.

I’ve made a few changes to my writing space. I upgraded my computer from laptop to desktop in hopes of reducing strain on my neck and shoulders.

I’m also paying more attention to how long I stay seated and making sure I remember to eat and drink while I’m working. You’d think that would be obvious but it’s SO NOT. I’m hoping this means I’ll be more productive when I’m actually working.

See? Both food AND water! Nailing it. I also moved my desk to the opposite side of the room so I’m facing the window and my plants. I just like looking at them. 🙂

So that’s where I’m at. I have a few ideas rumbling around in my head so you should see more of me on here. I have some other news that I’ll save for another post because this one is getting lengthy which means I’ve been sitting too long. If you’re interested in reading the full post by Angela Lynn about dealing with defeat you can check that out here. She and I have been trading battle stories all summer.

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