5 Things Keeping Me Sane During Self Isolation

I really never thought 2020 would start out this way. I’m not sure anyone could have anticipated this, and if you did, well done you.

Covid-19 or Coronavirus or whatever you want to call it, has changed everything. Whether we like it or not. Spoilers: We do NOT. For the most part.

Self isolation started off great for me. The novelty of working from home, sleeping in, wearing pajamas 24/7 was pretty cool. I was all aboard the Quarantine Train. WOOT WOOT. I rode that train happily for about five weeks.

Then I cracked. Or, if you want to keep the metaphor going, I derailed.

I missed getting dressed. I missed going outside. I MISSED SHOPPING. Insane–I know–since I’m not a person who enjoys shopping in the least. But there you have it. Cracked. Derailed. Whatever.

I’ve lost motivation in some areas of my life and found renewed love for others. I’m trying to be okay with that. It’s not always easy. In fact most of the time it’s a struggle. But I digress.

In no particular order, here are the 5 Things Keeping Me Sane(ish) During Self Isolation:

1. My Plants & Plant-Related YouTube Videos

I’m a big fan of plants. Always have been, always will. My granny helped foster that love when I was just a little kid. I’ve always owned plants, but something about being at home has revived that love. I’ve bought *a few* plants while isolating. Thankfully our local plant shops offer delivery and curb-side pick up. Thank you Verde Plant Design!

And because this obsession is slowly taking over my life (sorry, not sorry) I’ve turned to YouTube for more plantish content. I’ve also started a plant-only Instagram profile. I’m plant mad, I tell you. And I’m very happy about it.

I’m thinking about posting Angie’s Top 5 Plant-Related YouTubers. If you’re interested comment below!

2. My Aquariums & Fish Related YouTube Videos

Okay the fish-love also isn’t new. But I’ve had more time to focus on my tanks. I have ideas and big plans for my tanks. Most of which involve me going to an actual store to pick things out. So that’s all on hold, obviously.

Right now I’m just enjoying my fish. I love watching them swim around oblivious to the chaos of the world. It’s calming.

3. My Husband

The dude is a godsend. Literally. He has the amazing ability to keep me calm when I’m losing my proverbial shit. I don’t know how he does it, but I am forever grateful. We had to cancel our 10 year wedding anniversary (15 years together) trip in May and let me tell you that hit hard. But he assured me that we’ll still make the day special, and when the time comes and we are allowed to leave the house again, we’ll do something great. He’s the best! Brandon, I love you ❤

4. Car Rides

I feel like a dog. Take me for a car ride! But honestly, it’s helped. Especially since the weather here in Winnipeg is only just now starting to warm up. Car rides give us the freedom to be out without breaking any rules. I’m in my car, I’m not touching or breathing on anyone. It’s ideal(ish).

5. Yoga

In December of last year I join Altea Active. The facility is amazing. It feels more like a fancy spa than a gym. It’s close to work and going with people from work has been great motivation for me.

Until all this isolation started, I was going 3 or 4 times a week. I was taking yoga classes, pilates classes, and using the treadmill. I was seeing results. I was feeling great. Then BOOM it stopped.

I miss the gym. I never thought I’d say that.

I can’t replicate the fancy gym at home, but I have made changes to my living space to encourage me not to give up. We cleared out the coffee table and area rug from our living room to make space for our yoga mats. I own yoga and pilates DVDs (yes, I’m that old) and I’ve been trying to keep to a schedule. It’s not the same–not by a long shot–but it’s something. And something is better than nothing.

Yoga calms my mind, keeps me moving, and reminds me that not all is lost.

You may notice things like writing and reading haven’t hit this list. Those were the aforementioned things I’ve been unmotivated to do. I did start out on a reading rampage but quickly lost interest. I wanted to do things that were more active. If that makes any sense. For now I’m trying to live each day with the following in mind:

Today is a brand new day to be grateful. I am grateful I am healthy (so are my family and friends). I am grateful I can work from home. I am grateful for all the other things that keep me sane during these uncertain times.

What more can I ask for?

What’s keeping you sane? Are you struggling? Need to talk about it? Leave a comment below or reach out through social media. I got you ❤



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