Wandering With Angie: Cemetery Tour Update

Folks, I have a lot of awesome video footage of some really amazing cemeteries. I surpassed 100 in 2021 and filmed some really cool historical graves that I can’t wait to share with you.

But there’s a problem.

My current computer can’t hack it. It has less storage than my iPhone which is bloody insane when you think about it.

I’ve tried editing videos on my phone and it works, sure, but geez it’s a pain. Maybe because I’m *cough* older *cough* looking at details on a tiny screen is really bugging out my eyes. Plus recording my voice over is a bit of a challenge too. I have a mic but it’s not bluetooth so I can’t even use that with my phone. I mean there’s probably some techie way I can, but like that’s far beyond my capabilities.

So until I can upgrade my computer–or somehow push through the annoyance of using my phone–the videos will be on hold. Which is sad because I really love making them. I’m aiming to be back up and running by Spring.

For now if you haven’t checked out my YouTube channel you can do so here. I have four really cool tours–and one really old video with terrible sound quality which you can ignore–for you to check out and wander through the headstones with me.

On a side note, how great is that sky in the photo? Classic Prairie summer sky if I ever saw one. Love it. ❤

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