Writing Updates: What The Hell Have I Been Doing?

Short Answer: Mostly nothing.

The long answer is far more convoluted.

I’ve been working on book two of The Reaper Chronicles for…oh…let’s say nine years. Well, nine years ago is when I wrote the first draft.

I think.

It feels like a bloody eternity so I can’t pinpoint the exact date.

That’s not consistent time either. It’s been wibbly wobbly time. Some years I’ve worked on in a lot. The last year, hardly at all. Though I haven’t been writing at all the last year. It’s felt mostly pointless to me.

Let’s put a pin in that emotion for now.

But a couple weeks ago I couldn’t sleep because my characters wouldn’t shut the fuck up in my head. I got up and wrote a scene (are you happy characters?!) then went to bed. Both of us satisfied.

And while I’m sitting here pretending to be pissed off, it actually felt kinda good. Because it’s literally been YEARS since that’s happened. A desire to write not because I have to but because I want to. If I could bottle that feeling I would.

Then sell it to every writer I know.

I’d be rich.

And just like that I was back to working on book two again. Or as I like to refer to it: The story that will never ever be finished, apparently.

Hardly a month goes by where someone doesn’t ask me when they’ll be able to read book two. People actually read book one and liked it enough to want to keep reading more. I mean, what?! It blows my mind.

It’s hella flattering. It’s also terrifying. I could probably write an entire post on the internal struggle that crops up whenever I get asked that question. It’s like this:

Oh my gods! They want to read it!

and then…

OH. MY. GODS. They want to read it?!

It’s enough to make me wish I never started writing in the first place. For. Reals.

But I’ve been working on it and I swing between hating it and loving it. Sometimes during the same writing session. The story has evolved over the years and it’s meant a lot of continuity fixes and filling gaps. I finally figured out a way to rework the ending so it makes sense with this incarnation of the story. Once I’ve written the ending it will go off to some beta readers for feedback. I’m not exactly sure who those lucky folks will be, but I’m hoping when the time is right they’ll just appear.

I’m not setting any timeline goals because that’s a sure-fire way to jinx me into a block. Right now I’m taking it one day at a time. I work on it when I feel like it and do something else when I don’t. And since it refuses to write itself, it’ll be me who does. And I will. But when can you read it?

Your guess is as good as mine.

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