Goodbye Twitter

It’s Friday night and I just deleted my Twitter account.

This wasn’t like deleting my Facebook account, which was SUPER easy to let go of. This one was harder to make a decision on. Harder than I thought it would be. Here’s why.

Twitter was where I found most of my writing peeps. Back in February 2011 I joined a community–and I do mean community–where I was freely able to express myself as a writer.

I was encouraged, motivated, inspired.

I was listened to, engaged, accepted.

In short it was a pretty awesome place to be. It was the place to be as I’m pretty sure Instagram wasn’t even a thing back then. Or maybe it was and I just wasn’t on it. Anyway. The point is that back then it was super positive and I never ever thought it would turn into what it has become for me–a negative platform of shouting people all trying to be heard but not listening to anyone.

And folks I’m just as guilty.

There was hardly any engagement. Very little inspiration. It sucked my motivation and left me feeling ignored and unwelcome.

I tried curating my lists. I tried unfollowing accounts that were no longer in line with my values. I culled 400 accounts.

And you know what? Nothing changed. Nothing brought back that amazing feeling I had so many years ago. People change, hell, I’ve changed a ton since then. And I promised myself that by the end of the month if I didn’t find value in Twitter that it was a goner.

My last tweet was a goodbye of sorts. I didn’t even take a picture or a screen shot or whatever. Maybe I should have. But regardless it taught me a lesson.

I had 2,227 followers and when I tweeted that last goodbye tweet do you know how many people replied?


Do you know how many people liked it?


Do you know how many impressions it made?


Nowhere near the 2,227 followers I had. Twitter, like so many things, is built on false pretence. I didn’t have 2,227 followers.

I had 5.

5 people who went out of their way to like the post.

Sure you can say maybe others didn’t see it. But doesn’t that just prove my point? 112 people saw it of 2,227. Only 5 cared.

This isn’t me moaning or having a pity party. It’s me getting real with the stats because guess what? Stats don’t lie. I had convinced myself that I had an audience of 2,227 rapt followers who were listening to what I had to say and wanted to engage with me.

But that was a lie.

I had 5 followers. An audience of 5.

So when it came time to delete my profile it was pretty damn easy after all. I wasn’t throwing away this great following of potential…..sorry, I’m not even sure how to finish that. Friends? Customers? (If I publish more books that is.) Connections? Whatever. They weren’t really there in the first place. At least not 2,227 of them. All I did was fade out and no one (except 5 people) noticed.

Goodbye, Twitter. We’ve just grown apart. No hard feelings.

This wasn’t the post I was intending to put up this week but it was timely. I feel like I’ve been letting go of a lot of things lately. (Shameless plug for another post here) But I’m also really enjoying getting back to my roots and writing on here. I plan to keep up with the weekly posts as much as possible. I have a few heavy topics coming up and some that are more lighthearted.

I’m still kinda talking into the void. My hope is that if you’ve read this far you’ll take a moment to engage. But honestly, it’s okay if you don’t. I’ll still be here writing my thoughts and feelings. Being my authentic self.

7 thoughts on “Goodbye Twitter

  1. I think I understand a little bit. It’s hard to let go when you remember how much joy something used to give you.

    I hope you find better things

  2. I’ve been thinking a lot about those early days too. You’ve captured it perfectly, Angie. We started on that site and were suddenly connected with a community. It absolutely changed my life and my thoughts on what I might be capable of doing with my fledgling writing. We were all nice to each other! I don’t know if it was because we had more time or that 10 years ago, even just 10 years ago, it was a simpler time.

    I don’t engage the way I did back then but I’ve aged. Years ago, and stay with me here, Dr. Phil (I know, I know!) said to someone that aging between 20 and 40 is totally unlike the aging process between 40 and 60. He was right. My focus has changed, my energy level has changed – so much has changed besides my profile photo. My interests have changed too.

    While I love finding new writers and reading great books and being inspired to write myself, I spend much of my online time now supporting my local community and being interested in public affairs. Unfortunately, this also causes me stress as the misinformation and hateful language can appear from uninformed people as well as bots and paid rabble-rousers. I too have curated and keep a close eye on who I follow and who follows me. But gone are the days when I proudly engaged with each one of my Twitter contacts as a way to build community.

    So Angie, I shall follow your blog and keep connecting with you here. I was lucky to find you in those early days and seeing the many journeys you’ve taken (not always through travel) has been a joy. Let’s stay connected, even across provinces and over the Rocky Mountains! Ms. Creative, you are so talented! I want to know how your world is!!

    Big hugs from me still in the West End, Vancouver, with hope in my heart for more writing time, more coffee and more health and joy.

  3. Funny this post was the first that showed up in my Feedly today, just after I finished recording next weeks podcast where we mentioned writing Twitter of 2011! It was such a fun place, and Twitter of 2022 falls a long way short.

    Facebook like-wise sucks, and Instagram is going the same way. It would be nice to see a resurgence of blogs to fill the void of the conversations social media used to provide.

    1. I couldn’t agree with you more! I haven’t missed Twitter or Facebook since deleting them. Instagram is on thin ice with me. I rarely check it or post. I miss those old days though. There was some great times. Thanks for stopping by, reading and commenting! ❤

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