Quick Update: More Cemetery Tours Coming!

That’s right!

Every Sunday morning at 10:00 am (CST) I’ll be premiering a new cemetery tour on my YouTube channel. Which means if you watch live you can chat with me!

This Sunday I have a tour of St-Pierre-Jolys Roman Catholic Old Cemetery located in St-Pierre-Jolys, Manitoba, Canada.

It has some beautiful and unique old headstones. Make sure you watch right to the end to see my favourite section of the cemetery. As an added bonus you can play Spot Brandon. It’s like Where’s Waldo but cooler. He’s usually lurking among the headstones in all my videos but in this one he makes way more appearances. I feel like I should give away some kind of prize if you can correctly identify in the comments how many times he pops up. Actually, if you watch any of my videos I encourage you to count and drop the number in the comments.

I started planning my first big out-of-province road trip for this May. Once I sort out the details I’ll share more. In addition to the tour videos I’m hoping to add a bit of behind-the-scenes vlog style content to the channel. You can subscribe to the channel here so you don’t miss any of them.

And that’s it. I hope you’ll follow along on this journey. I try to infuse a bit of history wherever I can because for me that’s where my love of cemeteries steams from. I see these videos as a way to honour all those who came before us. A way to honour the lives they lived.






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