The Struggle Is Real

I feel like I’ve used that saying a lot lately. If you’re a writer (or painter, musician, any type of creative person) you probably have too. Because it’s true. Yesterday I took to Twitter to ask my lovely Tweeples if people actually read blogs anymore. What I really wanted to know was should I blog? … More The Struggle Is Real

Happy Blogiversary!

Write Me Happy turns ONE today and I’m all misty eyed. This blog has come such a long, long, LONG way. But then again, so have I. When I started Write Me Happy a year ago, I had exactly two followers and both were my “real life” friends and fellow writing group gals Julie and … More Happy Blogiversary!

Guess Where I am Today?

On the lovely Lillie McFerrin’s blog! No I didn’t hijack it, I promise. I’m there totally legitimately. The Lovely Lillie Lillie – the sweetest lady EVER – asked if she could interview me. Naturally I accepted because it is such an honour to be asked, and well it’s for Lillie (see comment above about how awesome she is!) So if you’d … More Guess Where I am Today?