Vancouver Rocks!

I don’t speak about it often, but it’s been my dream for nearly 8 years now to move to Vancouver, BC. There’s a whole laundry list of reasons why. The weather is much more preferable than Winnipeg, the culture is right up my alley, the smattering of friends located nearby and I’m a HUGE Vancouver … More Vancouver Rocks!

Creative Pursuits

After 3 long months I finally pulled out my art supplies and began creating. I almost didn’t. In fact I tweeted the following…. Angie Richmond ‏@write_me_happy First thing I’m doing after the move is pulling out my art supplies & creating. I miss that. #art #create #happiness But then I realized that my heart literally … More Creative Pursuits

Happy Birthday

Yes, I’m a year older today. But that’s totally okay because I’m loving life so much right now that nothing can bring this girl down! *blows party favor* For those of you who don’t know, today is my very last day at my office job. Yes, I’m casting off the shackles of administrative 9 to … More Happy Birthday

Creative Career Interview Series – Daniel Swensen

This week’s feature in the Creative Career Interview Series is Daniel Swensen. Daniel is the author of the short story Burn and the full length novel Orison which is set to be released this year through Nine Muse Press. Thank you Daniel for sharing your journey with us! Name: Daniel Swensen Occupation(s): Writer Website: Creative Career Interview Series – Daniel Swensen