Cemetery Vs. Graveyard. Is There a Difference?

Hello all you lovely people! Today I’m switching gears from my writing/art chatting to discuss one of my favourite topics: cemeteries. As a self-proclaimed Cemetery Enthusiast, I get asked a lot of questions on the topic. But there’s one question I get asked more than any other: Are cemeteries and graveyards the same thing? Truth … More Cemetery Vs. Graveyard. Is There a Difference?

Complete Distraction

Now that Brandon is OFFICIALLY finished work (until we move to Vancouver) he’s taken on the role – and official title – of Complete Distraction. With about 6 weeks left in Winnipeg, he’s hell-bent on making the most of our time. This includes taking me out on lovely – yet distracting – jaunts. Monday’s jaunt … More Complete Distraction

Life in Transition

So I’m knee-deep in transition mode right now. I’m writing this post from the kitchen table of my mom’s place (buh-bye lovely office). Operation Live Your Dreams is in FULL SWING. We’ve sold our house (buh-bye 1860 square feet of oh so delicious space!) and moved in with mummy until the BIG MOVE in September. … More Life in Transition

Ink Me

As part of my new career and journey in life I decided to get some ink. It was important for me to select something that was both meaningful and a helpful reminder to be patient with the changes in my life. I chose a mantra that I started using 4 years ago. What do you … More Ink Me

Vancouver Rocks!

I don’t speak about it often, but it’s been my dream for nearly 8 years now to move to Vancouver, BC. There’s a whole laundry list of reasons why. The weather is much more preferable than Winnipeg, the culture is right up my alley, the smattering of friends located nearby and I’m a HUGE Vancouver … More Vancouver Rocks!