The Reaper’s Bride

Book One of The Reaper Chronicles 

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It’s not an easy task ushering souls to the afterlife—just ask James the Reaper. When he stumbles upon 83-year-old Molly at a funeral, he realizes she has the uncanny ability to see into the secret world of reaping souls.

James must convince Molly of her talent and entice her to join him as a recruit. If he thinks this task is without its challenges, he’s sorely mistaken. Molly’s best friend, Mildred, wants in too. Unlike Molly, Mildred is a sharp-tongued, politically incorrect senior who lacks the empathy and tact to make it as a successful recruit.

With Molly’s natural abilities at guiding souls, James is determined to add her to his growing network of recruits—even if this means taking on Mildred. 

But he must ensure that Mildred fulfills her reaping contract without further angering the Gods and losing control of his Reaping Empire. Although Mildred seems hell-bent on making mischief for James, Molly isn’t so innocent herself. She must outwit both James and Mildred to get what she truly wants. 

A suave reaper, two cantankerous elderly ladies and a melange of dead souls make up the quirky cast of The Reaper’s Bride.

Praise for The Reaper’s Bride

A clever, fast-paced read, The Reaper’s Bride is packed with humor, hi-jinks, and the undertones of a dark, twisted mystery. I am dying to read book two and can’t wait for more readers to learn what a skilled storyteller A. J. Richmond is!

Angela Lynn – Author the Richmond High series.

I was absolutely blown away with how I was hooked within the first chapter!! One of those hard to put down after you pick it up reads!! Can’t wait for the next book!

Danielle Nicole

I will admit I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect when I picked up the Reaper’s Bride. After reading it, I am still not entirely sure what category I’d put it into. It’s got some Urban Fantasy elements and some Magical Realism elements, but it isn’t typical of either category.
What it is, however, is funny, clever, original, totally unique, and an awesomely fun and quick read. 

A.J. Richmond has created a totally unique world around death – hear me out, I’m not typically a “let’s read a book about death!” kinda girl as I lean heavily towards happily ever afters and comedy – but this isn’t a sad or dark book by any means. The actual structure for reaping souls, or ushering souls to the afterlife, that Richmond has constructed is unlike anything I’ve read before and based entirely around practicality and paperwork. It’s as if the Reaper (James, who is vastly intriguing and I want to know more about) is a sort of harassed middle-upper management boss just trying to get his delegates to do what they’re supposed to so that everything can run smoothly and he can have a few minutes of just not.

The main characters of this book, Molly and Mildred, are in their early 80s and as wildly different from each other as they are from typical Urban Fantasy heroines. Mildred’s just flat out a crotchety, mean old lady but very funny in that meanness. Molly, on the other hand, is so sweet and thoughtful that I really found myself rooting for her…which is why I’m like HOLY CRAP WHERE IS THE SECOND BOOK ALREADY?
Do yourself a favor and pick up this fun, unique, and quick read. 

Jessica Grey – Author of A Fairy Tale trilogy

At first I thought the topic dark but then after just a few pages I really got in to it. I loved the differences in characters between Molly and Mildred. I started the book Thursday afternoon and I had trouble putting it down. I finished the last chapter Friday morning. I can’t wait for the next book in the series, “The Trouble with Spain” to come out.

Amazon Customer

I was lucky enough to have seen this book in its developmental stage, so I was already excited about it before it was transformed into its current polished state. It’s a hard book to categorise. Paranormal? In places, but spooky? Only a little bit. Humorous? Definitely. It’s an adult contemporary paranormal fantasy.

Two old women, Mildred & Molly go to funerals to critique them and fantasise about their own, until one of them sees something she shouldn’t be able to see – the Reaper. When he realises he wants to recruit her and turn them into his helpers, only downfall is she won’t join alone.

A J Richmond creates funny, and vivid characters that enthrall, and carry you through the book. And gives the read a glimpse into an imagined afterlife. I would love to meet James on a dark night – or Angel. They were captivating.

The only downfall is that it’s left on such a huge cliffhanger! I can’t wait to get my hands on the next one.

If you want funny and slightly spooky, this is the book for you.

Miranda Kate – Author of Sleep

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. Easy read with lots of fun character development. Fun, dark comedy that kept me engaged in the story. I absolutely cannot wait for the next in the series


I read this novel in record time!! It was so incredibly different and interesting than the books I normally read that I was constantly dying to know what would happen. Enjoyable to the very end! I can’t wait for the next book.

Joy Mock

This is a book that has heart and gets you to love the characters. While it can be a “dark topic” it certainly does not read as such. Easy to digest and such a great way to spend my time during my morning commute rather than scrolling on my phone. Really looking forward to the next in the series!


Thoroughly enjoyed reading this book! Enjoyed the characters, loved the twists and found the story captivating. Would highly recommend this book, especially if you are looking for something different to read. Can’t wait for book two,”The Trouble with Spain” to come out!!


This is not the typical genre of book that I read, but it I loved it! I’ve never read a book in one day but I just couldn’t put this one down. It was lighthearted, funny and captivating. I can’t wait for the next book. Great job AJ Richmond!

Kris Simpson

I thoroughly enjoyed the humorous way the author portrays the journey to the afterlife. It is an easy, lighthearted read. I was surprised to find myself smiling as much as I did… and about a topic I would typically consider gruesome! Can’t wait for the second book to be released so I can find out what happens next!


I’m usually not the type of person to sit down and read a book…but I thought I’d give this one a shot. I started the book on Saturday and finished it on Monday. The story was unique, characters were all awesome in their own way and left me wanting the next book.

Highly recommend this!

Amazon Customer

Book One introduces characters involved in helping the recently deceased move on to the other side, whatever their definition of it might be. The glimpses of different deaths, the bumps along the way as the two new Reaper recruits learn the ropes and the gentle humour added throughout are entertaining. Twist ending leaves me interested to read the next in the series.

Vivian Hilder-Skwark

Love the story.


Really enjoyed this book. Couldn’t put it down!

Patrice Manary

The Reaper’s Bride, Book One is an enchanting tale, and each page had me fascinated and craving more. Super exited for book two from this talented author A.J. Richmond!

K. Kernaghan

So pleased this book is part of a trilogy! It is such a fabulous tale – each character beautifully described, you feel as if you know them well by the end of the book. The author has to have been writing for many years as this story is written so well and you are taken on a very intriguing journey – that you just don’t want to end!

J C Trotter
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