The Reaper’s Bride

Book One of The Reaper Chronicles 

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It’s not an easy task ushering souls to the afterlife—just ask James the Reaper. When he stumbles upon 83-year-old Molly at a funeral, he realizes she has the uncanny ability to see into the secret world of reaping souls.

James must convince Molly of her talent and entice her to join him as a recruit. If he thinks this task is without its challenges, he’s sorely mistaken. Molly’s best friend, Mildred, wants in too. Unlike Molly, Mildred is a sharp-tongued, politically incorrect senior who lacks the empathy and tact to make it as a successful recruit.

With Molly’s natural abilities at guiding souls, James is determined to add her to his growing network of recruits—even if this means taking on Mildred. 

But he must ensure that Mildred fulfills her reaping contract without further angering the Gods and losing control of his Reaping Empire. Although Mildred seems hell-bent on making mischief for James, Molly isn’t so innocent herself. She must outwit both James and Mildred to get what she truly wants. 

A suave reaper, two cantankerous elderly ladies and a melange of dead souls make up the quirky cast of The Reaper’s Bride.