Angie’s Art Auction

As most of you know I’m a mixed media artist. I take paper and paint and ink and create colourful pieces that usually involve little birdies because that’s what I like. Over the years I’ve sold my art on Etsy, Facebook and in an art collective in Vancouver. My art has found homes in Canada, … More Angie’s Art Auction

Analogy Of Life

I’ve been avoiding my blog. Actually I’ve been avoiding a lot of things lately. I suppose it’s because I feel like every time I open my mouth (or my blog) a whole slew of black negativity spews forth and I end up choking on it. It’s not pretty. But today in the shower, where all my … More Analogy Of Life

I’m On YouTube!

After months of debating, I’ve finally started my own YouTube channel. Yes, I’m slowly trying to conquer the interwebs, one platform at a time. This was a particularly difficult decision because: a) My face on a video, and b) MY FACE ON A VIDEO! Yeah, bit of a fear of video cameras. But, having my … More I’m On YouTube!