Angie’s Art Auction

As most of you know I’m a mixed media artist. I take paper and paint and ink and create colourful pieces that usually involve little birdies because that’s what I like. Over the years I’ve sold my art on Etsy, Facebook and in an art collective in Vancouver. My art has found homes in Canada, … More Angie’s Art Auction

Creative Profile: Interview with Amanda Makepeace – Artist

Today’s Creative Profile features a favorite artist of mine, Amanda Makepeace. I first fell in love with her work when I found out she drew skulls. Of course she draws and paints much more than skulls and all of her work is stunning. I must admit I own a few of her piece ( a … More Creative Profile: Interview with Amanda Makepeace – Artist

Creative Pursuits

After 3 long months I finally pulled out my art supplies and began creating. I almost didn’t. In fact I tweeted the following…. Angie Richmond ‏@write_me_happy First thing I’m doing after the move is pulling out my art supplies & creating. I miss that. #art #create #happiness But then I realized that my heart literally … More Creative Pursuits

All Things Art

Even though I’ve been steadily working on my art, I realize I haven’t provided an update in some time. I’ve been trying new things and it’s fun and exciting, which is really what art is all about for me. Recently my husband was clearing through old storage bins and came across a pile of stamps … More All Things Art

All the Parts of ME

BIG NEWS! After much deliberation, journaling and several sessions of meditation, I’ve decided to pull all the parts of me together under one cozy home – here – on Write Me Happy. What does this mean? Well, it means that instead of having a separate site for my creative life and my coaching, Write Me … More All the Parts of ME