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  • Looking Ahead to 2022

    Looking Ahead to 2022

    Way back at the beginning of the year I wrote a post about the lessons I learned from the shit show of 2020. I vowed not to set any goals for 2021–to live everyday in service to what is truly important to me. And guess what? I did it and it felt good. It felt…

  • Analogy Of Life

    Analogy Of Life

    I’ve been avoiding my blog. Actually I’ve been avoiding a lot of things lately. I suppose it’s because I feel like every time I open my mouth (or my blog) a whole slew of black negativity spews forth and I end up choking on it. It’s not pretty. But today in the shower, where all my…

  • No News is Good News – Upcoming Travel Plans

    No News is Good News – Upcoming Travel Plans

    So that was an unplanned extended break from the blog. Sorry about that, folks. But I promise I have ALL THE GOOD reasons! Since my last post some big and exciting things have happened in my life. No, I haven’t found an agent … yet (more on that in another post) but this is something…