Death By To-Do List

I’ve always been really into making to-do lists. There’s something super satisfying about being able to check off an item as complete. Productivity in motion! I’ve been so obsessed with lists that if I do something – like the dishes – that wasn’t already on the list, I’d add it just to cross it off. … More Death By To-Do List

The Struggle Is Real

I feel like I’ve used that saying a lot lately. If you’re a writer (or painter, musician, any type of creative person) you probably have too. Because it’s true. Yesterday I took to Twitter to ask my lovely Tweeples if people actually read blogs anymore. What I really wanted to know was should I blog? … More The Struggle Is Real

A Reaper Called James

Well, hello again! So glad you stopped by. Today’s post is something a bit different I hope you enjoy it. I’ve been debating for some time now on whether or not to post a small excerpt from my writing. I’ve been working hard on my urban fantasy series The Reaper Chronicles and book one, The Reaper’s Bride, … More A Reaper Called James

Rewriting A Series – Shit Just Got Real

Sometimes my past self is a real jerk. She’s always doing stuff with massive repercussions without thinking too much on it. She’s often heard spewing her favourite line “That’s Future Angie’s problem.” Well, Future Angie is here and she’s pissed! (Wait, doesn’t that make me Present Angie? Gods, I have no idea.) The above tweet … More Rewriting A Series – Shit Just Got Real